Aquarium Fish Gallery 3

This blog will give you general information's about some of the most popular aquarium species you can keep in your aqua-hobby. Join the Catfish, Loach and Rainbofish species. Happy fish-keeping !!!


Zebra Loach

Botia striata.
Zebra Loaches are one of the smallest Botias wich makes them easy to keep. Zebra grows up to 10 cm. They have no special requirements on water conditions, they do however prefer a certain aquarium setup to be at their best. A tank size of 180 L with a soft or fine textured substrate as they are continually digging the upper layers with their barbels for food. The tank should be planted, but also provide open areas for swimming. This species likes to shoal during the day. Provide hiding places like stone caves or pots. Botias rest on their sides giving an impression that they are dead. But its far from it, that is very normal behaviour. The lighting in the tank should not be overly bright. Zebras are happiest living in small groups about 5 and have been reported to be semi aggressive, sometimes nipping the fins of other long-fin species. The bigger aquarium size the less aggressiveness is a general rule. Feeding is not difficult as they will accept all prepared foods and like all fish relish the addition of live foods especially small worms like tubifex or blackworms. They are well known to eat snails and can be a welcome addition to any planted tank. If you have snail outbreak and you want your Botia to consume them, do not feed them, otherwise they will ignore them. Zebra is not so prone to Ick like Clown Loach. But if they get it, its bean known that slight temperature rising up to 29-30'C for a day or two will take care of it. Make sure to make those changes slowly.
Water temperature should be kept between 23-27'C with pH between 6,5-7,5.

Photo by Dusko Bojic.