Aquarium Fish Gallery 3

This blog will give you general information's about some of the most popular aquarium species you can keep in your aqua-hobby. Join the Catfish, Loach and Rainbofish species. Happy fish-keeping !!!


Clown Loach

Botia Macracanthus.
The Clown Loach is not as shy as the other Loaches. Often active in the day. They can be easily kept in a community tank with other fishes. It is very helpful to buy Clown Loaches in pairs, since they are happiest with a companion. In fact, they have been seen to form a small shoal with armored catfish. Clown Loaches are resting on the bottom of the tank on their sides. Although this may alarm owners at first, most come to realize that this is, in fact, a normal behavior.
The tank should have a soft substrate that will allow the fishes to burrow for food. Clown Loaches will eat a wide variety of foods including: brine shrimp, bloodworms, snails, and various dried foods (The dried food should be high in protein). Rocks and roots suitably placed in the tank will provide shelter. Most Clown Loaches prefer homes that are only slightly larger than they are. The water should be soft and changed often.
Once they are established, Clown Loaches live for 15 years and grow slowly, but seldom reach the size recorded for wild specimens, about 30 cm. That is the reason they need a big tank 240-400 L, depending on stocking level.
Water temp. they need is 28'C with pH 6-7.

Photo by Dusko Bojic.