Aquarium Fish Gallery 3

This blog will give you general information's about some of the most popular aquarium species you can keep in your aqua-hobby. Join the Catfish, Loach and Rainbofish species. Happy fish-keeping !!!


Dwarf Chain Loach

Botia sidthimunki.
A delightful fish for a well-planted, mature community tank. This small species is also known as the Pygmy Chain Loach. Very active, it is best kept in shoal of six or more. Unlike larger species of Botia they will not harm other fish but will uproot plants. They need small live foods like daphnia and whiteworm or frozen equivalents in their diet. Regular water changes are essential, as is good filtration. Provide broad-leaved plants as resting places.
They grow up to 5 cm. Water temp. should be around 27'C with pH 6,5.

Photo by Dusko Bojic.